Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tokyo First Impressions

As you have probably heard from many people it is a huge city with tons of people everywhere. Our hotel room in Tokyo was tiny. It was the length and a few feet wider than the double bed in the room. You could not walk around the bed at all. The bathroom was also tiny, but had everything you need. There was a tiny sink a toilet and a tiny bathtub/shower combination. There were no cabinets or drawers.

Toilets are a big deal in Japan. They do just about everything. The seat is heated, water can clean you off and many of them have a button you can push so that there is a flushing noise (without really flushing) so that other people do not know what you are doing in there. In a few public restrooms I came across a squat type of toilet. I guess that explains the sign I saw earlier telling people not to squat on a sitting toilet.

One other first impression that I also heard from other bloggers is the number of vending machines. In about a 20 minute walk I took pictures of 20 machines on my way.

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