Friday, July 29, 2016

Trip Summary and The Dateline Again?

This is the final post for this trip. For me, the flight to Hawaii was not the best. It was with Korean Air and so it had the same selection of movies and TV shows to watch. There is a pattern to these long flights. You are served a meal (this time I chose chicken, which was a pretty American meal – salad, chicken, rice, a roll and custard for dessert. Steve chose Bi-bim-bap which has become his favorite Korean food (I think it is because he can pronounce it). Bi-bim-bap is what we had when we came over, only then we didn’t know what it was or how to eat it. Now we learned that it is a bowl of a bunch of different things and rice on the side. You put the rice in and some of the sauce packets you are given and mix it up and eat it. I think he had kimchi rather than salad and the same dessert and roll.

On this flight we crossed the dateline again, only this time we left Japan on a Friday night and arrived here in HI on Friday morning before we left Japan. I still have trouble getting my head around that!

Looking back this has been an amazing trip and we have connected with some good friends along the way. In some ways it is not how I like to travel. I like to be in one place for longer. I feel sort of confused between Korea and Japan and the Philippines seems so long ago. We were not in any particular place long enough to meaningfully connect with people there. We did benefit from knowing people in each place who guided us and showed us things from a local perspective at least.

Here in Hawaii I am getting to meet several people that I have not seen for years. There are a few friends that I made while here living in HI from 1990-1993. There was also a friend who I have not seen since High School who is living here and that I reconnected with through Facebook!  It has been a good way to gradually return home. Tomorrow is the crazy night flight from Honolulu – Maui – Los Angeles – Austin. It will be good to be home.

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