Sunday, July 24, 2016


Since I love maps and find them helpful this map shows the three places that we visited-The Philippines, South Korea and Japan.

So here is a map of the places that we went in Japan.

It began with another unidentifiable airline meal. The item at the top right looked sort of like yogurt and there was a packet with it. I tasted the packet first and it was like soy sauce and then I tried the “yogurt”.  I think it was soft soy. You put the soy sauce on it and eat it. It did really taste OK to me, but it was weird, savory rather than sweet.  Don’t worry, there is more about Japanese food coming.

On our trips north and south in Japan we took the bullet train.  It is amazing. It travels at 200 mph and has no interruptions, so a trip that might take 8 hours by car takes 2 hours!  It is comfortable and just felt like taking a train. It is a good way to see a bit about how the country is. I saw lots of rice paddies. Everything is very green right now.

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